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Ivoclar Vivadent hosts 2nd International Expert Symposium in London

Endorsed by the King’s College London Dental Institute, Ivoclar Vivadent hosted the International Expert Symposium ‘The Quality of Esthetics’ in London. World-renowned specialists discussed the latest materials and advanced clinical concepts to an audience of 750 delegates on 14th June 2014.

Robert Ganley, CEO of Ivoclar Vivadent AG and Darryl Muff, Managing Director Ivoclar Vivadent Ltd. UK & Ireland opened proceedings with a welcoming address, highlighting their commitment to connect with clinicians and technicians through the continued dissemination of knowledge and education.


Dr James Russell and Rob Lynock (UK) looked at ethics in aesthetics, illustrating how through close teamwork the clinician and technician can ensure patients are provided with highly aesthetic restorations, whilst ensuring minimal preparation and preserving the tooth’s healthy structure. Bart van Meerbeek (Belgium) discussed research into the most effective bonding approach, concluding that in most cases a combination of the self-etch approach and the etch & rinse approach is necessary, even though the self-etch approach is often regarded as the most effective, with its ease-of-use and low-failure rate.

Dr Eric van Dooren (Belgium) and technician Murilo Calgaro (Brazil) discussed the general principles of ingot and shade selection with the IPS e.max system, placing great emphasis on lithium discillicate (LS2) with low translucency (LT) and medium opacity (MO) ingots for optimal, aesthetic results, whilst technician Michele Temperani (Italy) discussed all-ceramics and CAD/CAM technology as an ideal combination for greater aesthetic success.

Dr Markus Lenhard (Switzerland) demonstrated how Tetric EvoCeram Bulk Fill layering technique has revolutionised composite restorations to make procedures quicker and simpler. Van P. Thompson (USA) discussed monolithic crown CAD/CAM materials, looking at silicate and oxide ceramics, the problems of cone cracks and radial fractures, and why Zirconia has become the material of choice.

Focusing on ultra-thin ceramic restorations, Dr Stefan Koubi (France) emphasised that keeping some of the dyschromia and working closely with the technician to achieve the ideal colour match was key. Supporting this, Dr Rafael Piñeiro Sande (Spain) stressed that diagnosis is most important part of treatment when aiming for the best aesthetic results, whilst Oliver Brix (Germany) demonstrated the experience with the IPS e.max system, exploring the limits in innovative dental design and how to work with nature.

Prof Daniel Edelhoff (Germany) concluded the programme by looking at how to solve the problem of accelerated tooth wear due to dentine exposure, before Josef Richter, Chief Sales Officer of Ivoclar Vivadent AG, closed the Symposium by announcing Madrid, Spain, as the next venue for the 2016 Expert Symposium.

‘Experts Circle’ and ‘Ivoclar Vivadent & Friends in London’

Ivoclar Vivadent also hosted the ‘Experts Circle’, a special event for opinion leaders and invited guests with lectures and a panel discussion on the increasing success of monolithic solutions in today’s dentistry. On the eve of the Symposium delegates were invited to the evening event ‘Ivoclar Vivadent & Friends in London’ at the Natural History Museum.

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