MB2 Dental Adds 79 Practices in 2019

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MB2 Dental added 79 new practice to its network in 2019, adding Arizona, Florida, Kansas, and Missouri to the areas it covers. Now totaling 192 affiliated practices, the “dental partnership organization,” as it calls itself, now has more than 2,500 employees across 12 states.

“When I founded MB2 back in 2007 with just a few practices across north Texas, I never dreamed that I’d see the day where over 400 dentists would be part of this group. It’s rewarding and encouraging to know that something I am truly passionate about can resonate with so many fellow doctors,” said Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva, founder and CEO.

“I created MB2 because I knew there had to be a better option for dentists. I wanted to create more options than what our medical counterparts had, so I banded with my doctor partners to create it,” said Villanueva.

Doctor owners retain a considerable amount of equity in their practice while partnering with MB2, the company says. Owners also remain in control of their practice’s personal brand, culture, and team while preserving complete clinical autonomy, MB2 says.  

“The growth of MB2 has been very organic. Together, my doctor partners and I have created a community unlike any other in our profession. Our families vacation together. Our spouses and children are friends,” said Villanueva.

“The owners are constantly in communication with one another and know they can pick up the phone at any time and call a fellow dentist if they need something, whether that be clinical or personal. We call ourselves a family because when we all get together, that’s truly how it feels, like a big family reunion,” Villanueva said.

MB2 expects to add another 21 locations in the first quarter of 2020, including practices in Connecticut, Georgia, and Illinois.

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