Hyperbiotics Donates $135,000 in Products to America’s ToothFairy

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Premium probiotic supplement manufacturer Hyperbiotics recently donated more than $135,000 in products to America’s ToothFairy. The products, including the PRO-Kids and PRO-15 lines, were distributed to nine America’s ToothFairy member clinics.

Through its Dental Resource Program (DRP), America’s ToothFairy provides benefits including donated dental products and equipment to 85 nonprofit dental clinics and programs serving more than 70,000 children nationwide.

DRP focuses on increasing access to care and preventive services to improve the oral health of children in underserved communities. Member clinics share America’s ToothFairy’s commitment to oral health education, prevention of pediatric dental disease, and addressing barriers to care. 

“Our bodies are made up of good bacteria that keep us well. They live in the digestive tract, which begins in our mouth, and they’re currently under assault by traditional hygiene products, antibiotics, and our modern lifestyle choices,” said Jamie Morea, Hyperbiotics cofounder.

“We recognized that the children that America’s ToothFairy serves could benefit from our revolutionary chewable probiotic supplement meant to support oral and overall health,” said Morea. 

“We are grateful for every donation we receive, but Hyperbiotics has gone above and beyond our expectations, especially considering this is their first product donation to our organization,” said Jill Malmgren, America’s ToothFairy executive director. 

“Many of the families our member clinics serve struggle to pay for the most basic oral hygiene products, so this generous donation from Hyperbiotics will be especially beneficial to them,” said Malmgren.

Companies interested in donating products to DRP member clinics can contact Robin Vann at programs@ncohf.org.

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