February 2010

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Clinical Update
  • A Case for Tailored Care
    Offering a fascinating preview of the coming age of molecular medicine in dentistry, a report by Tsui, et al appeared in the American Journal of Surgical Pathology (November 2009) on the topic of oral cancer and the old concept of “field cancerization.”
  • Cervical Finish Line Designs for Zirconia Ceramic Crowns
    While the longevity and favorable ad aptation of metal margins have been demonstrated for years, marginal ad aptation of ceramic crowns needs further evaluation because poor adaptation and gap formation will negatively affect the long-term prognosis of these crowns.
  • Preventing Postcementation Hypersensitivity
    A study by Drs. Hu and Zhu investigating the effect of an adhesive (Prime & Bond [DENTSPLY Calk]) on preventing postcementation hypersensitivity was published in the International Journal of Prosthodontics
  • Prolonging Postsurgical Analgesia
    For years, investigators have studied the efficacy of various opioids added to a local anesthetic near the brachial plexus as a method for providing postoperative analgesia in the ambulatory surgical patient.
  • Protein Receptor for Carbonation Taste Discovered
    Since 1767, when chemist Joseph Priest ley first infused water with carbon dioxide to produce carbonated water—the main ingredient of sodas, spark ling wines, and a variety of carbonated drinks—there has been no scientific explanation of how people taste the carbonation bubbling in their glass.
  • Root Coverage for Recession Defects
    Evaluating the effectiveness of different root coverage procedures in the treatment of re cession-type defects, this re trospective study by a Cham brone, et al was recently published in the Journal of Periodontology Online.
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Minimally Invasive Dentistry
  • Leave Decay in My Cavity? You Must Be Kidding!
    Geoffrey M. Knight, BDSc, MSc, MBA, PhD; John M. McIntyre, AM, BDSc, PhD; Graham G. Craig, AM, MDS, PhD; and Mulyani, BDS, MDS, PhD, present a case report showing how pharmacological management of caries was used as a conservative treatment alternative.
Oral-Systemic Health
  • A Future for Periodontal Therapy
    Neil R. Gottehrer, DDS, MS, and Jack L. Martin, MD, discuss periodontal risk assessment and the future of periodontal therapy.
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