Eating Greens May Reduce Risk of Oral Cancer



There’s a way for women who smoke to reduce their risk of oral cancer. And it has nothing to do with quitting smoking.

According a new study by the British Dental Health Foundation, eating green, leafy vegetables will lower the risk of oral cancer for women who smoke. Every time a woman eats a serving of green, leafy vegetables, the odds of developing oral cancer decrease. Still, the best way to reduce your risk for oral cancer is to quit, but this new way might be second.

This finding was part of a larger study aimed at discovering how one’s diet affects their risk of oral cancer.

Roughly one third of oral cancers may stem from a poor diet. Fruits and vegetables are some of the best foods for preventing cancer. However, Omega 3, which is found in fish and eggs, may stunt cancer. Foods that are high in fiber, like brown rice, whole-wheat pasta, nuts and seeds may do the trick as well.

This isn’t to say that eating green, leafy vegetables will automatically prevent cancer for women who smoke. And tobacco is still the top cause of any type of cancer involving one’s mouth.

Men are generally at a higher risk for oral cancer than women and more research is necessary to determine the effects green, leafy vegetables have on men’s oral cancer risk.