Ticket for Free Dental Clinic in Virginia Appears on eBay



The Roanoke Mission of Mercy handed out 900 free tickets to a two-day free dental clinic scheduled for this Saturday and Sunday at the Roanoke Civic Center. Someone, however, decided this would be a good way to profit, so he or she posted a ticket for the Saturday event on eBay. The person was looking for $250 for the ticket but hoping for as much as $550.

The listing first appeared on eBay March 26.

The person waited at an Advance Auto store in Roanoke, Va. to acquire the ticket.

The ticket was also listed on Craigslist but was removed. It has since been removed from eBay.

Volunteers for this event now have to be notified of people trying to scalp tickets.

In the past, this event did not use a ticketing system.

The goal of the event is to allow families with a low income to have the opportunity to receive dental work for free. Many families have shown up at past events, so the tickets were a way for the people running the event to control the crowd. Someone, however, saw it as an opportunity to make money.

Event organizers started giving away tickets March 25 at the Advance Auto Parts Corporate Business Center. Each person received one ticket and roughly 100 people had to be denied tickets.

The event will provide dental work for approximately 1,000 people, 100 of whom preregistered for the event.