Competitive Health Partners With the TeleDentists to Provide Virtual Care

Dentistry Today


Competitive Health Inc has partnered with the TeleDentists to provide virtual dental care including oral health risk assessments, prevention, and urgent consultations. Patients can connect to board-certified dentists from mobile devices and desktops. Consultations are conducted in real time, and the TeleDentists can schedule follow-up appointments if necessary.

“Competitive Health finds partnerships that fill a need in the marketplace for all parties. The solution offered through the TeleDentists allows individuals affordable and convenient access to dental care while also eliminating the burden to employers and insurers on expensive ER visits and time off of work,” said Kimberly Darling, CHI president and CEO. 

“Americans don’t see a dentist on a regular basis due to geography, expense, or embarrassment. Through this partnership, a new solution to holistic virtual care has emerged,” said Darling.

“The TeleDentists is expanding access to dental care by providing virtual consults with dentists so that consumers can get answers to their dental questions, help when they need it, and convenient care,” said Dr. Maria Kunstadter, cofounder of the TeleDentists.

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