California Dentists Need Poster Updates



California dental practices need to update a pair of posters regarding workers’ compensation benefits and whistleblower protection required by the state in all workplaces. Both posters are now available online to download and print out for free.

The first poster, “Notice to Employees—Injuries Caused By Work,” is downloadable at The California Division of Workers’ Compensation has made substantial changes regarding medical care, personal disability benefits, supplemental job displacement benefits, naming one’s own physician, reporting injuries, and seeing one’s primary treating physician. Practices with Spanish-speaking employees should post the English and Spanish versions.

The second poster, “Whistleblower Protection,” is available at It lists employee rights and the attorney general’s hotline. Revisions to the previous edition include expansion to protect employees who complain internally to a person with authority over those employees or to another employee who has the authority to investigate, discover, or correct the violation.

The California Dental Association (CDA) prints and distributes orange and gray sets of all required federal and state posters to its members every 2 years for free. Additional sets may be purchased for $15 each from the CDA Store or by calling (800) 232-7645. The CDA will produce its next set in 2017. In between sets, the CDA provides members with updates via its website and local dental societies.

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