AI SMILE Smart Tracking Case Debuts Worldwide

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In the last few decades, experts have been constantly discussing the future trend of AI application in medical scenarios: how to use AI as the underlying technology but actually transform the medical experiences of every individuals? Recently, Weiyun AI & Robotics Group once again got a full mark in the industry by launching its self-developed AI SMILE Smart Tracking Case, which changes the way dentists and patients communicate. This greatly improves the patient’s compliance and medical effects, bringing the new proposal for the future possibilities of AI application in medical treatment, which will accelerate the trend of medical AI to the next level worldwide.

AI Smile

AI SMILE Smart Tracking Case released in Singapore

NEW AI PRACTICE: Global Debut in Asia, North America, and Africa

The world’s first AI SMILE Smart Tracking Case was self researched and developed by the Weiyun scientific team. As the first intelligent hardware customized for invisible orthodontic users in the whole market, it integrates the functions of treatment tracking, wearing reminder, cycle recording, locating, and data synchronizing. The intelligent device is designed to connect with AI SMILE APP. This enables customers to track their orthodontic treatment progress, reminding them to wear the aligners on time, thereby improving patient compliance and healing experience and serving the patient’s daily life scenarios of orthodontics.

This innovative design that breaks the stereotype means the case no longer only has the function of storing braces, but an intelligent device that connects dentists and patients, creating a precedent for medical AI terminal, giving the inspiration of new AI practice to the global industry.

Obviously, the pioneering innovation of AI practice by Weiyun once again captured the eyes of the world. The debut of AI SMILE Tracking Case covers Asia, North America, and Africa, with many interests and positive feedback received from the global market. Citing a senior medical analyst in the United States, “There is no doubt that, with the opening of a new round of global medical AI reshuffle, the core technological advantages of Weiyun have become more and more remarkable, and its wide acclaim in the international market has laid a solid foundation for its future market volume in those regions.”

APPLICATION VALUES: The Change in Medical Treatment Experience

In the process of chronic disease management, the patient’s compliance with doctor’s advice often affects the final cure effect in a large extent. For orthodontic patients, during the process of treatment, there are common problems such as easy loss of braces, difficulty in maintaining and developing wearing habits, and uncertainty in the treatment process, which might lead to frequent revisions of the orthodontic plan and even restarting it.

The AI SMILE Smart Tracking Case, independently developed by Weiyun R&D team, can be bound to the AI SMILE user APP and the doctor’s platform.

The customized treatment plan made by the dentist for the patients and actual progress can be seen in real time. Meanwhile, the doctor can remind them to wear the braces on time to improve their compliance and the orthodontic effect; in addition, its own considerate locating function can effectively avoid the loss of the braces, and become an inseparable orthodontic partner. In medical scenarios, as the first smart terminal, AI SMILE Smart Tracking Case can be linked to the cloud for case tracking and stage managing, assisting dentists in formulating more accurate follow-up treatment plans, and guaranteeing the orthodontic effects.

FUTURE OUTLOOK: The Exploration of Medical AI by Constant Technology Practices

With the core technology of artificial intelligence, robots, and machine vision, Weiyun AI maintains its frequent technology updates and the pioneer status in the industry. In this year, it had launched AI SMILE orthodontic treatment planning system Venus1.0, AI SMILE Intra-oral Scanner S4, and many other scientific and technological products that promote the development of the field of oral medical AI. They also won the German Red Dot Design Award, the honorary invitation of AAO, the FDA certification, and many other honors and recognitions from the industry.

The successful launch of the AI SMILE Smart Tracking Case is expected to change the way and concept of therapeutic process management, bringing a brand new orthodontic experience to consumers around the world.

With the continuous innovation of Weiyun in the future, adhering to the product concept of “technology redefines life,” Weiyun will continue to lead the industry by its AI technology, offer new possibilities, and provide patients with a better therapeutic experience.

In the era of coexisting opportunities and challenges, to be one of the aspirational and invincible pioneers is crucial to survive in today’s constant rat races. Obviously, Weiyun, which continues to practice intelligent manufacturing in the field of medical AI, has been a pioneer that dares to think and act, turning more ideas into the possibility, and expected to transform the industry and even everyone’s life with its advances in technology.