3 Renowned Rhode Island Dental Practices Join Qualitas Dental Partners

Qualitas Dental Partners


Qualitas Dental Partners proudly welcomes three outstanding practices to its partnership. Each practice is dedicated to top patient care and has a long-standing presence in its community. Such attributes align perfectly with Qualitas’ mission to provide exceptional dental services. Together, the partnership will continue to elevate the standard of dental care in Rhode Island and beyond.

This strategic partnership brings together:

  • A general dentistry practice in central Rhode Island known for its patient-centered approach and high-quality care. This practice has built a reputation for excellence and personalized service in the community.
  • An established multi-specialty practice with a legacy of care spanning several generations. This practice is deeply rooted in the community, offering a trusted and familiar environment for patients of all ages.
  • A growing oral and maxillofacial surgery center specializing in a wide range of surgical procedures and dental implants. This center is dedicated to providing advanced surgical care in a comfortable environment that makes patients feel at ease.

These esteemed practices join Qualitas Dental Partners in a shared vision to enhance patient care and experience. As part of the Qualitas network, each practice gains access to expanded resources, cutting-edge technologies, and a collaborative environment of like-minded professionals. This partnership will allow each practice to continue in its tradition of excellence.

This expansion highlights the uniqueness of Qualitas Dental Partners’ approach to dentistry—a dentist-owned business model that values continuity of care, supports professional growth, and leverages shared resources to benefit both patients and practitioners.

About Qualitas Dental Partners

Qualitas Dental Partners is a doctor-owned dental partnership based in southern New England. It is comprised of renowned providers practicing across the spectrum of general dentistry and all dental specialties. Qualitas’ mission is to provide exceptional patient care and outcomes through a conscientious partnership between dentists and supporting team members. To honor this focus, new partners are carefully selected and approved by current members. For more information, please visit www.theqdp.com.

FEATURED IMAGE CREDIT: Marcel Eberle on Unsplash.