Zest Anchors And Implant Direct Announce Settlement



Zest IP Holdings, LLC and Zest Anchors, LLC (Collectively, “ZEST”) announce that they have settled the patent and trademark infringement lawsuit brought by Zest against Implant Direct Mfg. LLC, Implant Direct LLC, and Implant Direct Int’l (Collectively, “Implant Direct”), Implant Direct Sybron Manufacturing LLC, and Implant Direct Sybron International LLC (Collectively, “IDSI”).
Within the agreement, IDSI will manufacture and sell the GoDirect® products under a license from Zest. IDSI will also phase out the GPS® abutments and males and begin selling the Locator® Attachment System under a distribution agreement with Zest. The wide-ranging settlement was designed to provide IDSI’s customers a seamless experience transitioning back to the Locator Attachment System, which is considered the gold standard in the industry.

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