Wow! What an Honor!

Timothy F. Kosinski, DDS


It is a tremendous honor for me that the publishers and editorial team of Dentistry Today asked me to take the helm of Implants Today!

My training in implant dentistry began in 1984 during my residency at Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton, Ohio, Therefore, I began placing our modern endosseous implants soon after their introduction to the profession. I did start out in my career with subperiosteal implants and blade implants though, but quickly evolved to using the IMZ system followed by becoming a key opinion leader with several of the prominent implant companies.

I often mention that I have been blessed with great mentors throughout my professional career, including legends like Drs. Paul Mentag and Frank Bustillo. My education has continued in earnest, and I am now involved in learning new treatment concepts and techniques from new mentors such as Dr. Todd Engel at the Engel Institute in Charlotte, NC. At this stage of life, I am really enjoying mentoring others as well, including many dear friends and colleagues. Education is the key to success with implant dentistry!

There is much to understand, including vital anatomy and ideal placement, which is dictated by a “tooth up or down approach.” Simply placing implants in available bone is no longer acceptable, and we now consider emergence profile and smile design to be of utmost importance to both the clinician and the patient. Patients continue to investigate this exciting dental procedure using the Internet whenever they perceive a problem, such as hurting or missing teeth or unhappiness with their existing full or partial dentures.

We will continue to provide you quality implant and implant-related articles, like those in this issue, that will stimulate your thoughts and assist you in your goals to both learn and excel in the practice of implant dentistry. I appreciate the expressed confidence of the editor-in-chief, Dr. Damon Adams, in naming me as the editor of Implants Today and look forward to your comments and feedback as we strive to continually provide both practical and cutting-edge clinical content for your review.

We are in a great time for dentistry, as technology (such as CBCT analysis and planning software) has dramatically improved our ability to diagnose, virtually design, and properly place our implants prior to any surgical intervention. I challenge you, our readers, to get involved in implant dentistry by incorporating education to its highest level. If you have any questions or comments about this topic, or any other subject presented in Implants Today, feel free to contact Dr. Kosinski at

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