Women in 40s Impacted by Dental Phobia



Women older than 40 are often scared to visit the dentist.

A University of Sydney study came to this conclusion after conducting research among a wide range of age groups. The research had been happening for five years. The conclusion was that women in the 40-plus age range had the greatest chance to be struck by depression and anxiety regarding dental visits.

The study also determined that 40 percent of people in the western world experience some type of fear when visiting the dentist.

The study analyzed the differences among the people who didn’t have a fear of the dentist and people who feared the dentist among patients in Australia in reference to how long they would wait before contacting the dentist. People without a fear of the dentist generally waited 3 days before contacting the dentist about a problem. The people who feared dental visits waited about 17 days before calling the dentist.

There are other studies, like one that the Columbia University College of Dental Medicine did, that indicated that around 30 to 40 million Americans don’t go to the dentist. These people will do anything to avoid going to the dentist because of their fear.