W&H Donates Gear to World’s Highest Dental Clinic

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The world’s highest dental clinic can be found at 3,440 meters in the village of Namche Bazaar in Nepal. It can only be reached by a multi-day trek through the mountains or via a tiny airfield, so stocking the clinic with vital products and equipment is a challenge. Also, most of the local population can barely afford essential dental treatment, which often is performed with very simple tools and methods.

As a member of the Dream of Gorakhani aid project, W&H has been actively involved in construction and development projects in the Nepalese region of Solukhumbu for several years. In addition to building and supporting a school for approximately 100 children in Gorakhani, supplying the Namche Bazaar dental clinic with products and equipment has been one of the company’s major concerns. 

“The commitment of the dentist performing the treatment there is outstanding. At the dental clinic in Namche Bazaar, she plays a key role in maintaining the population’s dental health, even with the simplest of tools and methods. Our donation will support this valuable work,” said W&H president Peter Malata. 

W&H has been sending products to the remote mountain village since 2011, where Dr. Nawang Doka has been working in the dental clinic treating locals and tourists alike for the past two decades. Over the past 10 years, the Namche Bazaar has become an important base for trekking tours and expeditions. The clinic is the only one in the region and, thus, an important port of call for those seeking help, W&H says. 

With W&H products, the company says, Doka can perform a broad range of treatments and ensure that her instruments are always prepared properly. W&H enlisted the help of Sherpa guides Nawang and Kaji Pasang, who work in Austrian alpine tourism in the winter, to safely transport the products to the clinic.

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