US Endo Partners Announces Expansion with New Company

US Endo Partners
US Endo partners


US Endo Partners (US Endo) today announced its expansion into multi-specialty, integrated oral healthcare with the addition of a sister company, Specialized Dental Partners (SDP).

Doctor-led, doctor-driven US Endo has grown rapidly since its inception in 2018 by partnering with top-tier endodontists across the country to support those endodontists in their provision of outstanding patient care, while also supporting the next generation of endodontic leaders. SDP will complement the thriving company by offering a partner for endodontists who wish offer fully collaborative practices, under one roof and alongside periodontists and oral and maxillofacial surgeons, to streamline services for best-in-class patient experiences.

US Endo partners

Cameo Dental Specialists (Cameo), a five-location multi-specialty practice in Chicago, was the first to join forces with US Endo to create SDP.

“Cameo is thrilled to be partnering with a group that is both well-established and forward-thinking,” said Dr. Vladana Babcic, a Cameo endodontist-partner. “We are ecstatic to be joining forces to share our passion for patient-centered dentistry, and for the potential to introduce nation-wide what we’ve been doing successfully in Chicago for years.”

Cameo pioneered the integrated oral healthcare model and has since witnessed remarkable patient outcomes. Babcic said the beauty of the integrated model of dentistry is that the patient’s experience is streamlined – a treatment plan is carefully defined and, if more than one procedure is needed, no time is wasted with multiple appointments or traveling from office to office, and fees are simplified and presented in one bill. Everything happens under one roof and the patient’s comfort is always top-of-mind.

Scotte Hudsmith, Chief Executive Officer for both US Endo and SDP, said he believes Cameo is the ideal partner to help lay a firm foundation for the groundbreaking new venture.

“We believe Cameo’s model provides patients with exceptional experiences in a very convenient manner,” Hudsmith said. “We are honored that the excellent clinicians at Cameo partnered with us to support expanding integrated care across the country.”

Dr. Steve Frost, US Endo Chief Clinical Officer, said he and his partner endodontists are excited to help further the integrated care model across the country, and to welcome new specialists to the community.

“Specialized Dental Partners is redefining clinician support in an effort allow those providers to take the total patient experience to the next level,” Frost said. “The future is ours and our partners’ patients will be the recipients of our combined vision and passion for excellence.”

US Endo Partners and Specialized Dental Partners are both subsidiaries of Specialized Dental, LLC.

About US Endo Partners

US Endo is a doctor-led, doctor-driven specialty services partnership for endodontists – a group of endodontic specialists and business experts working together to pursue excellence in patient care and business services. US Endo provides comprehensive operational support services, facilitates peer-to peer leadership and mentoring, helps to apply best practices, fosters innovative new technologies, and reinvests resources to improve performance.

US Endo doctors are able to do more of what they love and increase access to care, while securing their professional futures. The company currently boasts the provision of support to more than 250 endodontists in 33 states and has plans for continued growth.

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