“Ultradent Summit” The Ultimate CE Event, Featuring an All-Star Lineup



SOUTH JORDAN, Utah, June 24, 2013—Ultradent Products, Inc. is pleased to announce its 2013 Ultradent Summit, a continuing education event that will take place on October 18 and 19 at Ultradent’s South Jordan campus. The Summit will feature an all-star lineup of speakers who will cover esthetics and technological advances in dentistry, a hands-on practicum in endodontics and composite veneers, as well as a course testing bond strengths and techniques. Clinicians or staff members who attend both days can earn up to 16 CE credit hours.

The event will kick off with a seminar from president and CEO of Ultradent Products, Inc., Dr. Dan Fischer, who will present “Lessons of the Downturn, Positioning for the Future,” followed by a tour of Ultradent’s facilities, which feature more robotics than any other company west of the Mississippi, with the exception of the automobile industry. After lunch, attendees can attend a seminar by Ultradent’s director of research and development, Neil Jessop, titled, “The Relationship Between Conservative Dentistry & Bond Strengths,” which will include a hands-on portion. The evening will end with dinner hosted by Dr. and Mrs. Fischer at their home.

Day two of the Ultradent Summit will begin with a seminar from Dr. Renato Leonardo titled, “Technological Resources and Biological Concepts in Minamally Invasive Dentistry.” Dr. Leonardo’s lecture will also include a hands-on learning portion. Following lunch, Dr. Stephan Lampl will present a “Minimally Invasive Direct Veneers and Composite Course,” also followed by a hands-on learning session. The Ultradent Summit will end with a BBQ dinner, bonding awards, prizes, and Western dancing.

For registration, pricing, and information, please call 800-552-5512. For questions or support regarding travel and hotel accommodations, contact Becca Pickens at becca.pickens@ultradent.com or 800-520-6640.