Top 10 Clinical Articles of 2018

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We saw many significant advances in clinical care in 2018, and we’re proud to share them with you. Here is a look back at the top 10 clinical articles of the year, based on traffic at

Clinical Tips for Instrumenting Calcified Canals 

Dr. Manor Haas discusses the proper management of calcified canals.

Rotary vs Reciprocation: “How Do I Choose?” 

Dr. John West talks about rotary versus reciprocation and how to choose.

Direct Composite Diastema Closure 

Dr. Robert A. Lowe demonstrates a protocol for closing a diastema using a newly introduced composite resin material and an innovative matrix system.

The Dreaded Loose Abutment Screw: Etiology, Management, and Prevention 

Dr. Randolph R. Resnik focuses on the etiology, prevention, and management of implant complications.

The Status of Bone Grafting for Implant Dentistry 

Dr. Lee H. Silverstein discusses bone grafting in implant dentistry. 

The Infamous MB2 Canal: How to Find and Treat It 

Dr. Manor Haas shares pointers on finding and treating the often elusive MB2 canal.

Treating Excessive Gingival Display 

Dr. Thomas E. Dudney outlines how he utilized a thoughtful interdisciplinary approach to treat a patient with excessive gingival display. 

The Role of 3-D CBCT in Endodontics 

Dr. John West discusses 3-D CBCT technology for the modern endodontic practice.

Material Choices for CAD/CAM Dentistry 

Dr. Sameer Puri discusses restorative material options for in-office CAD/CAM comprehensive cases.

A Revolutionary Protocol for Endodontic Access 

Drs. L. Stephen Buchanan, Charles Maupin, and John Khademi introduce and discuss an innovative endodontic treatment protocol.