Toothio is Here and it’s Changing the Way We Staff Our Practices



Gone are the days of scrambling to find a hygienist; unsure of who to call or who will show up if you do manage to find someone. This pain has become all too familiar in recent years. Last October, Toothio co-founder Ian Prendergast got a call from Doctor Ken Baker that set things in motion.

“We are really struggling to find staff to run our practices. Interviews are hard to secure and “temp” options are low quality and unreliable,” said Baker. “The entire industry is really feeling it.”


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Less than a month later, Prendergast organized a panel of doctors to map out the optimal staffing solution, one that removes the burden of staffing entirely from the practice.

“They developed Toothio to fix everything we dislike about the current options in the market. Anytime I need a temporary employee I rely on Toothio exclusively, especially if it’s short notice,” said Doctor Tim Loving.

What makes Toothio different? Toothio is putting the power back in the hands of the practice. Simply create your office profile, post a shift at the rate you would like to pay, and Toothio will match you with a fully vetted dental professional while handling all administrative costs, including payments and taxes. It’s really that simple.

When the shift is over, you have the ability to rate the professional and add them to your “custom pool” for future shifts.

“The idea is that Toothio becomes an extension of your team,” said Prendergast. “We want your patients to see the same smiling faces over and over.”

Toothio is not just an option for temps, it is geared towards fully staffing your practice on a permanent basis as well. They did this by making it more cost-effective to utilize Toothio professionals on a full-time basis than it is to hire full-time.

“When you factor in the cost of W2 overhead we are by far the most cost-effective option and that does not include the cost of job ads, interviews, training, or turnover,” said Prendergast.

The platform also allows you to open as many appointment blocks as you want and trust that you have the staff to support your patients. If one of your goals is to increase profitability as a practice, Toothio is an excellent tool.

The company’s co-founder Devon Cox said, “when we set out to develop Toothio, we knew there were staffing problems but we did not realize how pervasive the issue was. We are here to give you peace of mind and let you focus on taking care of your patients.”

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Toothio provides fully vetted hygienists, assistants, and front office support.

All hygienists have a current Arizona license.