Tooth Patch May Aid Whitening



A tooth patch may be just what many people are looking for to improve their smile.

Japanese scientists have come up with a tooth patch that could be applied to make one’s teeth whiter. The patch could also aid people that suffer from any type of tooth sensitivity.

The sheet, which is just 0.004 mm, is made of hydroxyapatite, the main mineral in tooth enamel.

To formulate the patch, lasers were pointed at compressed blocks of the mineral in a vacuum to make individual particles pop out. The particles then fell onto a separate block of salt. This was later heated to crystallize the components.

After the salt cube was dissolved in water, the dried tooth patch was left.

The patch is also invisible, so people wouldn’t notice it when it’s in the mouth. The patch, however, can take an extensive period time of time—possibly a full day—to stick to the teeth in an optimal fashion.

The patch won’t be ready for usage for a while, however. It will be at least three years before the patch could even be used for cosmetic purposes.