The Whiteness Line by FGM Stands Out in the Worldwide Market

FGM Dental Group


FGM Dental Group is a sales leader in whitening products in over 15 countries. One of the whitening solutions from the portfolio, Whiteness Perfect, is recognized by the North American agency Dental Advisor as the best take-home whitening gel.

One of the leading brands in the dental sector, FGM offers a broad portfolio for a wide range of whitening techniques. The Whiteness line has been in continuous development for 30 years and is now present in over 100 countries, being the leader in 15 of them.


The Whiteness line by FGM stands out in the worldwide market.

The most recent launch is Whiteness HP Automixx 6% in-office hydrogen peroxide whitening gel, which can be used in patients aged 18 and above, according to the European regulation for cosmetics.

“Our commitment to product development ranges from scientific validation by renowned professors and regulatory agencies, to the commercial availability and handling, which brings excellent results such as easy application and performance,” explains the CEO of FGM Dental Group, Bianca Mittelstädt.

Whiteness HP Automixx 6% is made available with a brush tip, which allows the application of a thin and homogeneous layer of gel. In addition to this, the low concentration of hydrogen peroxide considerably reduces sensitivity, thus making the use of a gingival barrier optional. Its high performance is also a differential, which allows up to four applications, including the upper and lower arches.

According to professor and doctor Alessandro Loguercio, “Whiteness HP Automixx 6% has demonstrated a very good whitening pattern besides having low percentages of tooth sensitivity, which makes it a material of choice for younger patients or those with history of hypersensitivity when undergoing in-office whitening treatment.”

Whiteness HP Automixx 6% can be used in association with the Whiteness take-home gels, which provide even more satisfactory results. Whiteness Perfect has recently been awarded by Dental Advisor – an agency specialized in clinically evaluating dental products and serves as a trusted source for professionals around the world.

The award was granted for the fourth consecutive year, which proves the efficiency of Whiteness Perfect.

Upon smiles all over the world, FGM solutions transform people’s lives.