The Three Benefits of a Digital Dental Practice

Alisha Sabnis


As administrative work in healthcare increases at exponential rates, many people do not realize the burden falls onto our own providers. Dentists loathe the ever-flowing amount of paperwork that waits for them at their desk and takes time away from patients.

Converting to a digital dental practice will ultimately make paperwork for dentists obsolete. Optimize the time you spend with your patients and create an accessible way to run your clinic with solutions such as paperless office management tools, referral management systems, and secure communication instruments.

Referral Management Systems


A key component of any medical practice is referrals—a way for your patient to see other medical specialists to improve their healthcare. A referral management system, which provides a way for primary care physicians to connect their patients with other physicians, is one of the most essential tools for any healthcare clinic. With online provider databases, referrals have never been easier. Locate specialists near you through a simple search and get connected instantly.

A prominent problem dentists face is lost referrals and referral leakage. How do you ensure your referrals are going to the right provider? Protect your referrals by verifying they go through a closed loop. A referral system that updates you on all inbound and outbound referrals, whether they are sent, received, opened, rejected, or completed, provides a way to keep track of medical information. This feature also improves the completion of follow-up appointments, which can otherwise go forgotten.

A referral program with a built-in provider database can allow users to find local physicians without having to spend extra time researching specialists. Using a referral system with both dental and other healthcare providers will greatly benefit your patients by providing them with a diverse amount of resources. Adding your practice to an online database also increases your online presence, which benefits the likelihood of prospective patients finding your practice online.

Paperless Office Management Tools 

Access your practice on any device, wherever you are, through a paperless office management tool. Take advantage of electronic medical record integration features to securely store your clinic’s data in one place. Carry out time-sensitive tasks whether you are in the office or outside of it to provide efficient care for your patients

Obtain a tool that provides real time-reports on referrals, patient numbers, and e-consults so there is room for your practice to grow. Oversee where your patients are referred to and where your practice receives referrals from to scope out competition and build a network. Track every patient case as it opens, and reduce missed appointments. 

Use online portals to send health and consent forms to patients prior to appointments and reduce waiting periods at your clinic. Take advantage of secure, HIPAA-compliant email to safely send health information and reduce leakage. 

Secure and Efficient Communication Instruments  

Connect with specialists in real time through provider databases and e-consultations to bring faster care to your patients. Bypass lost emails, missed calls, and forgotten notes by using instant messaging and video calling platforms. 

Case collaboration is very beneficial to providing optimal care, as many patients may require specialists for certain types of care. Communication platforms that keep primary care physicians and specialists in the same loop create a more efficient way to complete patient cases. 

Drastically reduce the number of missed appointments by contacting your patients with ease and efficiency through patient portals. Send automated text message reminders and appointment confirmations to increase patient flow at your clinic and see more patients per day. 

A digital practice ultimately translates into an accessible and effectively run clinic for both the dentist and patient. Revolutionize the dental industry by completely eliminating paperwork in your clinic and re-establish your patients as your primary focus.

Ms. Sabnis is currently attending Drexel University, pursuing a BS in business administration with a concentration in business analytics. As a business development intern for Medcohere, she has been researching and writing about office management tools for dental practices so dentists and dental specialists are informed about the latest technologies. She also writes to ensure that dental teams are optimizing the resources that are available to them. She can be reached at

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