The Super Power of a Group Team Text

Robert M. Pick DDS, MS, FACD, FICD


group team text

Read on for the expert opinion of Robert M. Pick DDS, MS, FACD, FICD, who covers the benefits of a group team text at your dental practice.

In today’s unprecedented dental/business practice world, you must be doing what I call “Unprecedented Practice Action for Unprecedented Times!” In my humble opinion, there are many things that must be done today (hopefully prior), and going forward, to first separate yourself from the competition in an ethical and an amazing way, and secondly, you must follow protocols that allow you to keep in wonderful contact with what is hopefully your “5-Star-Purple-Cow-Wow Team!” That is defined as one amazing and awesome team!

With the power of cellular technology today, the speed of the internet, and our smart phones, we not only have the ability to text to one another, but we have the ability to create group texts.

Whether it is my own team, or those that I coach, one of the most important things that we do, and something that I began almost seven-years ago now, is a group text.

To begin, let’s talk about what group texting is, along with the rules of group text engagement. As an example, all of my team members are included on the group text.

To begin, we immediately have rules which respect everyone’s privacy and home life when they leave the office. We usually do not begin group texting until 6:30 a.m. and we usually try to stop all group texts by 8:00 p.m. at the latest, and we keep them to a lesser extent on the weekends.

What does a group text do, when do you use it, and what sort of reactions do your team members achieve from it?

Let’s begin by discussing group texting from morning to evening, and on the weekends. As an example, it could be that someone is running late due to traffic and wants to let everyone know, so others can help get the morning moving until that person is there. I will often do an early morning text (with variation) of: “I can’t wait to see my awesome team, you all rock!”

During the actual practice day, there are not many group texts which usually occur, but they begin somewhere toward the evening. Many of these texts are sent by me, the CEO of the practice, and they are complimenting, commending, motivating, or exciting my team for a job well done!

As an example, the other day, my administrative team worked extremely hard with referrals during a busy and awesome production day. I simply created a group text, (and I will also use Bitmojis and images), and I stated that: “I absolutely love my team, I could not do what I do without you all, and everything that occurred today was due to teamwork! We had six new referrals, we were over our goal, and got an awesome compliment from our patient, “Betty Jones,” who also baked brownies for everyone – We Rock!”

It could also be to the effect of: “Hi all! An awesome day and I love my team. I will buy lunch for everyone tomorrow!”  (Please see Figs 1 to 4 as examples.)

group team text

Figure 1.

Figure 2.

Figure 3.

Figure 4.

Group texts can also be used to stimulate the team and raise endorphin levels by simply doing something like this. I will create a text at about 7:00 p.m. and state: “Whoever guesses what I had for dinner, wins a bath bomb at our Morning Huddle!? As an example, I will put A) Broiled chicken, B) Baked Chicken, C) Spaghetti and D) Filet Mignon.”

I then wait to see who is the first one who guesses the right multiple-choice answer and they do get a bath bomb at the morning huddle.

It is fun, exciting, and something that most teams do not do.

Also, as an example, on various days and on weekends, I will call out individual birthdays, which of course, we also celebrate in the office with a cake, singing, and having too much fun. Again, Bitmojis can be fun as well when doing your group texting. If you also have not done a Bitmoji of yourself, now is the time. It is never too late and it’s a lot of fun.

The group texts can also be used for team members to send fun and amazing things. As an example, three of my team members all became grandmothers within the same month. Here and there, they will send a group text in the evening or on the weekend with several pictures of their grandson or granddaughter and it is all wonderful and amazing and many heart emojis are put on the pictures.

Also, please do not forget the power of video. Video engages 1200 times greater than text! I often will record a 20 to 30 second video with something to the effect of “Hi my 5-Star Purple-Cow-Wow Team, I love you all. We had an amazing day. I just wanted you to see this face and let you know how much I love you all! Can’t wait to see you in the morning!”

In conclusion, as you can see, a group text brings everybody together. It creates a family feeling. It allows you as the CEO and your team members to feel appreciated. It separates you from the rest and is one of the many, many things that are done to create for a Purple-Cow-Wow! team experience.

As a quick summary for those who don’t know, Purple-Cow-Wow! all stems from Seth Godin’s book, “Purple Cow.” The synopsis is, if you were driving in Wisconsin, all the cows are black-and-white Holstein cows and look alike, and everyone simply drives by them. However, if you saw a true purple cow in great shape, you would take pictures and videos and send it to all you know.

There would be a traffic jam, and everyone would say, “OMG! Take a look – a real purple cow!” So, as I always state, with ethics and excellence always first, become the Purple-Cow-Wow! of all and everything that you do. Finally, if you are not doing a group text – why not? This is your opportunity to start it now after reading this article and get it rolling.

At any time, please reach out to me if you need any sort of help or guidance with this.


Dr. Bob Pick is the CEO of The Pick Group and the creator of the PURPLE-COW-WOW! Facebook Group.

He is also a practicing clinician just like you and practices what he practices and teaches. Further, he is a high-performance practice/business coach and known for creating and running the “PBR!” for dentists and their teams. He is also one of Dentistry Today’s Consulting Leaders and an Official Spokesperson for the ADA.

Dr. Pick can be reached at

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