The Dental Implant Practice

Michael Tischler, DDS


This month, we want to have our readers think about what it takes for clinicians to create and support dental implants as a surgical and prosthetic focus in the general dental practice. An interview I did with friend and Implants Today advisory board member Dr. Randolph Resnik is a perfect resource for this topic. A key mentor of mine at the Misch Implant Institute, from more than 20 years ago, Dr. Resnik brings to light many key concepts related to general dentists (GPs) who are willing to take on the responsibility of doing implant dentistry to better serve their patients.

Dr. Resnik talks about how GPs are in an ideal position to diagnose and treat missing teeth with dental implants, especially when trained on proper case selection. However, while in dental school, most GPs do not receive adequate training to provide all the different dental implant services that are now available. Providing implants in a dental practice requires knowledge of treatment planning; the surgical, prosthetic, and laboratory procedures involved; and much more. Through continuing education, clinicians can gain competency in all the knowledge and skills required to provide quality dental implant services for their patients. For the serious and dedicated clinicians, hands-on implant courses are especially important in the overall education process.

Dr. Resnik also discusses how, in comparison with the rest of the world, the United States is lagging behind other countries in the percentage of GPs who are placing dental implants. The knowledge GPs have with regard to understanding and relating various treatment options, including implants, makes them the ideal dental professionals to become more involved in implant dentistry. With the lower costs of CBCT technology and other adjunctive implant treatment equipment, creating a greater emphasis on implant dentistry in the GP’s practice is now financially realistic.

In addition to our interview with Dr. Resnik, we are proud to present another outstanding and informative article by a respected member of the Dentistry Today advisory board and a valued contributor of clinical content, Dr. Joseph Massad, who, along with his coauthors, highlights the importance of vertical dimension with regard to overdenture treatment. If you have any questions or comments about this topic, or any other subject presented in Implants Today, feel free to contact Dr. Tischler at

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