SymplBrush Launches To Disrupt In-Home Dental Care Safely And Effectively





SymplBrush, the science-driven brand behind the innovative electric toothbrush developed to reengineer daily brushing routines for maximum effectiveness and efficiency, launches today. With research indicating that most consumers brush closer to 45 seconds rather than the recommended two minutes, SymplBrush is designed as a solution to this problem, cleaning teeth completely within 30 seconds. SymplBrush’s entry into the industry introduces the most convenient, time-efficient option without sacrificing gum health.

The signature design of the brush features 20x the bristle coverage of typical brushes, resulting in the fastest (and safest) option in the category. With the simple press of a button, SymplBrush addresses the common problem of brushing too little and/or too much, utilizing technology that removes user error, resulting in a daily routine that is more benefit than burden.

The SymplBrush Welcome Kit includes the signature electric toothbrush, as well as SymplPaste, their proprietary toothpaste, which utilizes n-HAp, instead of fluoride, to hinder plaque formation, reduce gingivitis, and help with tooth sensitivity. The subtle-mint flavored SymplPaste is fluoride-free, non-GMO, vegan and SLS-free, making it the cleanest toothpaste on the market. Together, these safe and simple products offer the ultimate science-backed, full-system solution.

After years of research and development, SymplBrush was created in response to consistent issues with patients’ brushing habits; Dr. Keith Arbeitman wanted to offer a comprehensive solution to help individuals find a healthy balance of cleaning quickly and properly without damaging gums.

“After over two decades in the dental industry, I knew from working with my patients that there was a huge opportunity in the marketplace to provide an efficient, intuitive-to-use and safe way to take the guesswork out of brushing,” said Keith Arbeitman, CEO & Founder of SymplBrush. “Used alongside our SymplPaste, SymplBrush’s effectiveness is maximized to clean teeth and remove plaque without hurting your gums.”

In addition to the SymplBrush product portfolio, the brand has also employed initiatives focused on sustainability and membership-based benefits. SymplCircle is the brand’s dedicated program committed to sustainability and being 100% recyclable. The initiative encourages customers to send back their brush, bristles, or SymplPaste tubes, with SymplBrush taking care of breaking down and recycling the products in the most sustainable way possible.

Moreover, The SymplSet subscription-based program follows the ADA’s recommendation that brush bristles be changed every quarter, sending members fresh bristles, as well as a 6oz tube of SymplPaste, to their door every 3 months.

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About SymplBrush

SymplBrush is the science-driven dental company designed to be smarter, faster and better. Founded by Keith Arbeitman, DDS, SymplBrush incorporates over 20 years of experience and ADA research to eliminate the most common cause of dental decay, injury, and gum disease – user error. SymplBrush’s “Living Hinge” bristle design allows the company to be the first effective, safe, full-arch toothbrush as proven by the Forsyth Institute, an affiliate of The Harvard Dental School in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

The product portfolio includes the SymplBrush electric toothbrush and the proprietary, clean toothpaste, SymplPaste, which uses nano-hydroxyapatite (or “n-HAp”) instead of fluoride. The n-HAp was first developed by NASA in the 1970s to help astronauts returning from space with loss of bone density due to weightlessness.

The n-HAp in SymplPaste hinders plaque formation, reduces gingivitis and helps with tooth sensitivity. The brand’s SymplCircle program is committed to sustainability and being 100% recyclable, encouraging customers to send back their used brush or empty SymplPaste tubes, with SymplBrush taking care of breaking down and recycling the products in the most sustainable way possible.

They also provide a membership-based program, the SymplSet, which delivers products to consumers based on the ADA’s recommendations.