Sweet Tooth Could Lead to Major Health Problems



There’s one food that can probably be blamed for more health problems than all others: sugar.

The majority of people still consume too many substances that contain sugar. That’s why there are higher rates of serious diseases, such as diabetes, types of heart disease and cancer.

There’s some research that indicates sugar is present in roughly one third of the daily caloric intake in some diets. This is happening even though there are warnings and nutritional information on the packaging of most products.

According to research at Yale University, the drop of the blood sugar level that results from eating high-sugar foods could be extremely harmful. The reason is it adversely impacts that section of the brain that controls impulses. This causes people to crave sugary foods and other foods of that nature.

Sugar can also be blamed for the obesity problem in the world today. Some have said that the sugar problem should be viewed the same way as smoking is viewed.

There’s also the possibility that a sugar consumption problem could actually be signaling some other kind of health problem.

Sugar has one of the most destructive impacts on teeth of all substances. It causes tooth decay and gum disease, among other issues. The bottom line is less sugar intake will result in better overall health.