SurfCT Hosts VIP Event at Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix Event



Paul Vigario, founder, and CEO of SurfCT, the award-winning IT, design & technology growth company for the dental and healthcare industries, hosted a private VIP event for doctors from all over the country at the Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix event May 6-8, 2022.  A first of its kind event in healthcare with SurfCT and F1.

“There is a striking commonality between high performance racing and successful doctors,” explains Mr. Vigario. “In addition to talent and a deep commitment to excellence, both professions require team support to achieve peak performance. Results are accelerated by utilizing a coach; someone with decades of experience and guidance to help navigate challenges so teams and drivers (doctors) can make it to the finish line strong and win!”


Paul Vigario, founder and CEO of SurfCT, at the Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix event that took place May 6-8

As an internationally recognized company, SurfCT has helped over 12,000 dental practices and healthcare facilities create the ultimate patient experience by connecting design, technology, brand, all connected through digital automation integrated systems designed to drive a doctor’s vision forward.

SurfCT welcomed well-known and respected doctors in dentistry and healthcare to attend, including Dr. Humza Arif (founder of Kliniko), Dr. Michael Tran (founder of Floss), and Dr. Matt LoPresti (founder of Set).

“This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I grew up watching F1 but never experienced it in person,” explains cosmetic dentist Dr. Humza Arif. “It is a highly skilled sport and it’s hard to explain the difference between watching a car racing at 200 miles-per-hour on television compared to in person. It’s completely different.

SurfCT is working with me to build out my new dental practice in Miami and I am grateful to carry forward an equally powerful experience for my patients.”

General dentist and digital dentistry educator Dr. Michael Tran shares, “SurfCT was an amazing host. We were seated in the best location for viewing the race, right around a turn in the track where you can experience the power of vehicles overtaking one another. As a dentist, I understand the importance of creating raving fans, and SurfCT and the F1 community does an incredible job with fan engagement. The race itself was only one part. From pit lane walks where you can try to change a tire just like the pit crews do, to paddock club track tours to car presentation, it was fully immersive much like SurfCT’s patient experience systems. SurfCT rounded out this epic experience after the event by treating guests to an omakase dinner at Nobu. It was incredible.”

Cosmetic and family dentist Dr. Matthew LoPresti adds, “I can’t say enough good things about the F1 SurfCT event. The actual F1 race was incredible but the hospitality of both Paul Vigario and SurfCT was amazing. Paul will make you feel welcome and included in everything and he genuinely wants you to have a good experience no matter what.  SurfCT wants you to succeed!  It’s great to have a partner in the systems/technology they build, but to also have a fun environment to connect with peers and friends is a truly special thing. I can’t wait for the next SurfCT VIP event!”

Mr. Vigario explains, “Just like a Formula 1 race, creating a frictionless experience between people, design, technology, systems, and human interaction is paramount. At SurfCT, we know everything is connected. To be a champion for patients, it is critical to understand that design, technology, treatment philosophies and brand must be connected and flow cohesively to create the experience patients want and deserve.”

The award-winning team at SurfCT believes dentists, doctors, plastic surgeons, ophthalmologists, endodontists, prosthodontists, oral surgeons, and orthodontists, should enjoy the freedom that an optimized digital workflow provides so they can focus on patient care and more of what they love to do in life.

The reality is interruptions in data movement during a patient visit can cause a disjointed patient experience that does not reflect the clinical level of care provided. Having the patient experience connected and fluid is the best way to create success for doctors, patients, team and practice growth.

Mr. Vigario continues, “Designing a winning patient experience is possible when your vision is in the driver’s seat, and you have a comprehensive design and IT technology team that recognizes the significance of integrating design, brand, and technology for streamlined results you deserve, and when you cross the finish line, your patients are all raving fans of your brand, cheering you on and smiling.”

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SurfCT is a full service dental and elective healthcare-focused IT company that connects your vision, design, technology, and treatment philosophies to elevate your brand and life. specializes in network integration and digital workflow of dental and medical offices at the highest level.

The company, which has several offices throughout the US, provides unbiased IT consulting to thousands of dental and medical offices across the globe and works with its doctors to provide seamless integration of systems designed around their individual goals and vision. is at the forefront of dental and medical technology and understands the fully connected version of what healthcare offices in the future and present should look like. They are experts in system design, practice automation, 3D printing, digital workflow, imaging, cloud technology, software, ergonomics, integration, system process, front office systems, clinical treatment systems, mobile connectivity, hardware, and offer ongoing world-class technical support.

They have been featured in Forbes, Yahoo, and been recognized by Top Professional and Top Doctors as the leading provider of healthcare IT services and IT systems.

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