Suni Medical Imaging Announces New Director of R&D



San Jose, March 3, 2011 — With its goal of continuing to provide quality, innovative digital solutions to the dental marketplace, Paul Tucker, CEO of Suni Medical Imaging, proudly announces the addition of Uwe Zeller to the Suni Management Team as the Director of Research and Development.
Mr. Zeller comes to Suni with a vast level of experience developing digital x-ray systems with companies such as KaVo Dental GmbH and SIRONA Dental Systems GmbH. While at KaVo, Zeller played a key role in the third-party development of the DEXIS Platinum sensor and the GENDEX GXS-700 series sensor. At SIRONA, Zeller played a key role in the design of the ORTHOPHOS XG Digital X-Ray Subsystem and was the R&D project manager of the SIDEXIS Intraoral X-ray System. Zeller is also the holder of nearly 15 patents/patent applications in the dental digital x-ray arena, and has patents pending on nearly 5 additional digital x-ray disciplines.
"Uwe Zeller’s background and knowledge in digital dental x-rays make him an excellent addition to the Suni Development Team,’ said Tucker. "Uwe’s extensive experience, especially in sensor design and production, makes him the obvious choice to lead Suni’s renewed development efforts. "
Mr. Zeller will also be a major collaborator with OrangeDental, Suni’s sister company located in Biberach, Germany, in delivering superior digital solutions to the world-wide marketplace. Stefan Kaltenbach, Suni Board Member, stated "Uwe’s extensive experience as a renowned developer in the intraoral space along with OrangeDental’s expertise in this arena brings a winning combination to both Suni and OrangeDental. We welcome Uwe to the team and look forward to his efforts in continuing to provide quality digital imaging solutions for dental professionals."

About Suni Medical Imaging
Suni Medical Imaging is the only Silicon Valley manufacturer of Digital Radiography Systems in the U.S.. Headquartered in San Jose, CA, Suni manufactures and delivers high-quality digital
radiography sensors under the Dr Suni Plus and SuniRay brands. The company also offers the SuniCam II intraoral camera line as well as the recently introduced Suni 3D Digital Panoramic,
Cephalometric, and Cone Beam 3D Systems.
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