Study Reveals that Link Between Healthy Heart and Oral Health in Women May Exist



A team of researchers at the University of California’s Berkeley School of Public Health shows that a link between heart health and oral health in women may be possible.

According to the study, women who regularly visited the dentist have a higher chance of having a healthy heart. The regular dentist visits also decreased the chances of suffering a heart attack.

Heart disease is a top cause for death among women, so this study could be important. The reason is it demonstrates that good oral hygiene may reduce any possible heart problems.

The logic behind the correlation that good oral health leads to a healthy heart is that the bacteria that cause gum disease and other dental issues can produce an inflammatory response. This response is often associated with heart attacks. This bacteria wouldn’t be present when maintaining good oral health.

One of the factors that results from solid oral health is the decrease of bacteria in one’s bloodstream, something that minimizes any possible inflammation.

When not visiting the dentist, one of the best ways to maintain good oral health is to brush for at least two minutes two times per day. You should also eat healthy and use dental floss and mouthwash routinely.