SprintRay 3D Printing Ecosystem Suited for Definitive Ceramic Crown Restorations



SprintRay, an industry leader in digital dentistry and 3D printing solutions,  offers the world’s first solution for same-day, chairside delivery of ceramic dental restorations.


SprintRay 3D Printing Ecosystem.

According to SprintRay CEO and co-founder Amir Mansouri, PhD: “The SprintRay Ceramic Crown 3D Printing Ecosystem enables full end-to-end, definitive chairside crown fabrication in less than 45 minutes, delivering tangible financial and time-saving benefits to patients and providers.”

A New Era in Hybrid Ceramic Resin

The ecosystem includes SprintRay Ceramic Crown, a new, ceramic, dominant resin 510(k) Class II cleared by the US FDA for 3D printing definitive full and partial single crowns and veneers. The resin features a breakthrough ceramic-dominant formulation composed of more than 50% ceramic material. Based on 2023 updates from the ADA, these ceramic-dominant, 3D printed restorations are now qualified to be submitted to dental insurance providers using the most common CDT codes previously reserved for zirconia or lithium disilicate. 

Automated Crown Design, Powered by AI

Using advanced machine learning and optimization, the Ceramic Crown 3D Printing Ecosystem features crown design services powered by artificial intelligence (AI), a service available 24/7 and delivered in minutes. AI-powered design makes it simple for dental professionals to plan and design treatment plans in office. 

Engineered for Workflow Speed 

The Ceramic Crown 3D Printing Ecosystem includes the SprintRay Pro S Crown Kit, a new compact build platform and resin tank designed to print multiple single-unit crowns with maximum speed and efficiency. Compatible with the SprintRay Pro S 3D printer family, this technology harnesses the power of heat and hard-anodized aluminum to deliver crown prints in as little as 10 minutes. 

SprintRay Ceramic Crown 3D Printing Material.

SprintRay Ceramic Crown 3D Printing Material.

For more information, visit the website sprintray.com.