Solving Shade-Matching Challenges

Episode 11 | Materials


Dr. Kevin Brown discusses the key role that a unique shade-matching system plays in several recent cases involving the smile zone. For more, see his recent article

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{tab Episode 10 | Restorative}

Treating a Patient With Inadequate Restorative Space
Dr. Joseph Massad discusses the steps in rehabilitating a patient with inadequate restorative space using implant-supported overdentures with various means of prosthetic accommodation. For more, see his recent article.


{tab Episode 9 | Ergonomics}

Musculoskeletal Disorders in Dentistry
Dr. Jason H. Goodchild discusses why dental hygienists need the most appropriate tools to not only provide care, but also to maintain their own health while delivering it. For more, see his article.


{tab Episode 8 | Composites}

Injection Molded Composite Dentistry
Dr. Jihyon Kim shares her thoughts and perspectives on why our techniques for placing direct composite dentistry needs to change. For more, read her full interview.



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