Smilebliss Orthodontics Grows to 15 Locations

Smilebliss Orthodontics
smilebliss orthodontics


Smilebliss Orthodontics is an operational model that allows orthodontists to retain full ownership of their practices and access DSO-level strategy and operational support to accelerate growth.

“Smilebliss allows an orthodontist to be in business for themself, but not by themself. An experienced team of experts supporting a practice shouldn’t be a benefit exclusive to a DSO. We’ve seen practices convert to this model and double their starts within one month of implementation,” explains Angela Weber, President of Smilebliss.

smilebliss orthodontics

Smilebliss Orthodontics – Kissimmee, FL

Smilebliss helps orthodontic practice owners identify underserved markets, select profitable office locations, execute proven marketing strategies, implement efficient revenue cycle management systems, secure quality supplies at a discount, and lay the foundation for accelerated growth.

“We’ve received an incredible response from orthodontists interested in the model. There’s a sense of urgency and desire to make an impactful change right now,” said Angela Weber. “It’s time for this industry to fill the gap for practice ownership, and Smilebliss will be the answer for many looking to increase their profits while retaining ownership in 2023.”

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