Smartee Presents Two Decades of Progress at the 99th EOS Congress in Athens

Smartee Denti-Technology
smartee denti-technology


Smartee Denti-Technology, a pioneer in clear aligner industry with 20 years of independent research & development and over 850 patents applied, shared its two decades of achievement and full series of products at the 99th Congress of the European Orthodontic Society (EOS), held from June 9-13, 2024, in Athens.

smartee denti-technology

Smartee exhibiting at the 99th European Orthodontic Society Congress 9-13 June 2024, Athens, Greece (PRNewsfoto/Smartee Denti-Technology)

The European Orthodontic Society aims to advance all aspects of orthodontics and its relationship with the collateral arts and sciences for the public benefit. Affiliated with the World Federation of Orthodontists, the society brings together orthodontists from all over the world at the annual congress, held in different European countries each year.

Smartee’s booth at the EOS Congress drew significant attention from orthodontists eager to explore the company’s two decades of achievement.

Highlights included:

  • Smartee Cutting-edge Solutions S1-S21: Smartee has developed a series of solutions from S1-S21, tailored to different clinical scenarios, and continuously upgrades them to meet various dental needs. Each product series is designed to cater to specific patient requirements, ensuring comprehensive care and effective treatment.
  • Smartee One-stop Digital Solution: Smartee utilizes AI technology to offer a comprehensive digital solution that enhances treatment planning precision and safety. Key features include the Smartee Med-AI algorithm for instant 3D Root Visualizations, CEPH measurement software for precise patient diagnosis, and Smartee iFast for seamless before-after simulations. These tools empower orthodontic professionals to deliver superior patient care through efficient and effective treatment planning.
  • Full Range of Products with Distinctive Features: Including Smartee GS, which applies invisible mandibular repositioning technology to move the mandible forward and promote TMJ remodeling for the treatment of severe Class II malocclusions; Smartee ⍺, which utilizes different multi-layer composite dental sheet materials for day and night use; Smartee GE, a classic product powered by a global database of over 1.6 million patients; and Smartee Kinder and Smartee Teen, which are both authorized by Disney IP and offer tailored orthodontic solutions for young patients.

As part of its participation at EOS, Smartee hosted an educational workshop led by Dr. Tao Guo, which provided attendees with valuable insights into Smartee GS Mandibular Repositioning Technology for treating severe jaw discrepancies using highly customized clear aligners.

Smartee’s presence at the 99th EOS Congress underscores its unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of invisible orthodontics and supporting the global orthodontic community. By continually expanding its product offerings and enhancing digital solutions, Smartee aims to empower orthodontists with the technology and tools necessary to deliver exceptional patient care.

About Smartee Denti-Technology

Founded in 2004, Smartee is the leading provider of clear aligners and digital orthodontic solutions in China. Headquartered in Shanghai, Smartee has two research & development centers and manufacturing plants that are fully automated. By serving over 64,000 doctors from 48,000 medical institutions in over 47 countries, Smartee has achieved over 1 million perfect smiles worldwide.

With the advance of digital solutions, Smartee continues to expand its portfolio and has launched over 10 aligner products catering to different malocclusion problems for children, adolescents and adults. Collaborating with Professor Gang Shen and his orthodontic team, Smartee has developed an innovative product: Smartee GS, which provides orthodontists with mandibular repositioning technology to treat patients with complex indications including facial prognathism, facial retrognathism and mandibular deviation more effectively.