SICAT Smart Subscription for the SICAT Suite is Now Available



All SICAT Suite applications open for all CBCT are now available on a subscription basis with the new SICAT Smart program, providing a smart entry to the SICAT world for as low as $99 per month.

All updates included, smooth payment via the SICAT Portal and exclusive access to the SICAT eCademy.


“Be smart, treat smart, pay smart” says it all. Whether implant planning in SICAT Implant, diagnosis and planning of root canal treatment in SICAT Endo, visualization of the upper airways to plan treatment for obstructive sleep apnea and/or snoring in SICAT Air or the planning and treatment of TMD in SICAT Function – dentists are now able to start smart for only $99 for their application of choice.

“We are really delighted to introduce SICAT Smart. This subscription-based approach allows dental practices of all sizes to economically access SICAT’s robust ecosystem of software applications,” declares SICAT managing director Jochen Kusch.

The open SICAT Suite offers dentists a variety of options since it is the only software suite that allows working multidisciplinary within one platform, including software applications for various dental disciplines. It is integrated directly with Dentrix and other popular options and SICAT Smart users will now be able to easily get started with their chosen application at low cost.


Dentists who subscribe to SICAT Smart benefit from monthly payment with no minimum terms, are able to add additional applications and flexibly adjust their individual subscription plan at any time. Payment is conveniently made via the SICAT Portal, where all customer information is stored in one place.

With the brand-new e-learning platform SICAT eCademy, practitioners can get started with their application of choice as easy as never before. The numerous video tutorials guide step-by-step through the software and allow for 100% flexible learning at one’s own pace to finally make the dentist a SICAT expert in no time.

By joining SICAT Smart, users will certainly not miss any updates, because they will receive all updates and upgrades for their SICAT Suite application free of charge.

This ensures that the dentist always uses the most recent version of the software and keeps him up-to-date.


As a leading innovator in the dental industry, SICAT develops and markets 3D-based analysis and planning software, surgical guides, and therapeutic appliances for various dental disciplines such as implantology, functional dentistry, sleep medicine, and endodontology and is a partner for dental practices, clinics, and dental laboratories worldwide. With its wide range of product solutions, SICAT paves the ground for advanced digital dentistry.

Multiple data sources such as 3D X-ray, optical impressions, jaw movement data, and 2D intraoral sensor images can be combined with each other – for increased efficiency and quality of treatment.

SICAT was founded in 2004 as a joint venture between HICAT GmbH and Sirona Dental Systems GmbH and is based in Bonn, Germany.

Since the 100% takeover by HICAT GmbH on January 1, 2019, SICAT operates as a completely independent company.

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