Septodont – ORAVERSE

Dr. Paul Feuerstein, DMD


Septodont has many unique products, some related to local anesthesia. Not only do they manufacture and distribute Septocaine ( articaine), one of the most widely used products in this area, they also make Oraverse to help reverse the sot tissue anesthesia more rapidly. This agent is injected at the end of a procedure and by essentially opening the local blood vessels ( more pharmacology is discussed in the video and allows the patient to lose the effects of soft tissue numbness in about half the normal time, reportedly in about an hour. This is especially important for children over 6 years (and 33 pounds) who may accidentally, or even on purpose bite through the lips, cheek or tongue. And for adults who have to get back to “normal function” they will be ready by the time they get back from their visit. If there is skepticism, Spetodont offers a guarantee which they call the ‘Seal of Satisfaction”. Another product briefly discussed is Biodentine which does everything that Calcium Hydroxide was supposed to do. You will rethink your direct and indirect pulp caps and more when you learn about this product.

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