September 2020

Dentistry Today



Root Caries Treatment: Use of an All-Tissue Laser to Ensure Success

Drs. Gregori M. Kurtzman and Joseph Favia discuss root treatment with gingival recontouring to access and treat caries utilizing an Er:YAG laser.

Supporting Dentistry Into the Future With Integrity

Drs. John Powers and Sabiha S. Bunek center a discussion with our editor-in-chief, Dr. Damon Adams, on DENTAL ADVISOR’s focus on research with a tie into clinical practice.

Trephine Removal of a Damaged Implant

Drs. Timothy Kosinski and Stephanie Tilley present a case involving the removal of a failing implant and the replacement procedures.

Guided Applications for Partial Extraction Therapy
Drs. Scott D. Ganz and Isaac Tawil discuss 3-D planning for partial extraction therapy and understanding static and dynamic guidances.

The Set Up: Endodontic Predictability

Dr. John West describes the mental planning game and other needed preparations to ensure predictable and successful endodontic outcomes.

Offering Affordable Treatment Options

Dr. Ara Nazarian focuses on the steps involved in providing denture and overdenture treatment in addition to extractions, grafting, and dental implant placement.

A Method for Ensuring Accurate Crown Preparations

Dr. Daniel S. Kim outlines a method for ensuring consistently accurate crown preparations.

What’s Going on in Dental Schools?

Focus On: Working for Franchise Dentistry

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