Scientists Say No Link Exists Between Gum Disease



Any link between gum disease and heart problems is coincidental, according to a panel of researchers.

The 13 researchers stated that the link between heart problems and gum disease simply doesn’t exist based on their extensive research. Many recent studies have concluded that a link does actually exist.

The panel analyzed 500 studies and the basic conclusion was that the people that developed gum disease and heart problems stemmed from the fact that the diseases have similar risk factors.

There are several studies that show that there’s a link between the two but the evidence isn’t the greatest to make the case. There are also many studies that are inconclusive about the topic.

The more likely reason for people with gum disease developing heart problems is based on lifestyle factors. People that make a concerted effort to take care of their health are less likely than people who take less of interest in their health to develop problems.

Regardless of what conclusions research teams make, it doesn’t change the fact that good oral health leads to good overall health.