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About Schick Technologies.

Schick Technologies, Inc. is the world leader in digital dental radiography. Our goal is simple and comprehensive – to provide high-quality, innovative and intuitive products that enhance the dental imaging experience for both patient and practitioner.
A History of Innovation.

Since its establishment in 1992, Schick Technologies has been a pioneer in the field of dental imaging. Fifteen years of continuous research and development has produced virtually every major advance in our field. As the first digital dental radiography system to offer the flexibility of three sensor sizes, CDR® has long been the brand dentists look to for innovation. Schick is the first company to design and employ the flexibility of CMOS imaging, the first to use USB as a sensor interface, the first to offer panoramic digital retrofits, and the first and only manufacturer to offer wireless sensors.

Schick’s culture of creativity has expanded beyond radiography. We were the first to offer a full-motion USB intraoral camera and pioneered the use of LEDs as an intraoral camera light source, both of which have been widely adopted by the dental industry.
Unparalleled Product Range and Flexibility.

Schick’s rich history of achievement affords a profound and discriminating insight into the needs of our customers. We proudly offer the broadest product line in digital dental imaging and have built practice solutions for every imaging environment. Today a practitioner needs to look no further than the local Schick representative for a full suite of integrated digital imaging products. From our flagship intraoral x-ray sensors to video to panoramic and cephalometric imaging, the CDR experience is everything the discerning practice expects and demands.
Commitment To Excellence.

At Schick Technologies, we believe that quality control goes far beyond manufacturing. Our ISO 9001 certified facility integrates best-in-class procedures in product development, operations, quality assurance and customer service. Tens of thousands of practices and patients rely on our products every working day and we are committed to offering them an exceptional experience every time.
Looking Ahead.

We continue to invest heavily in research and development, both to improve on our existing core technology and to develop the new technologies that will take dental imaging into the future.

Schick Technologies’ 100,000 square foot facility is located in Long Island City, NY.