Schick Technologies Announces Corp. Name Change to Sirona Dental, Inc.



LONG ISLAND CITY, N.Y.– Schick Technologies, Inc. announced on Oct. 1, 2012 that after 20 years of continuous operation under the business name Schick Technologies, Inc., the company’s name has been changed to Sirona Dental, Inc. This change is simply the last step from the 2006 merger with Sirona to show that both companies are now fully integrated as one single entity.

This name change has no impact on the management team or the manufacturing of products and serves as an opportunity to re-brand the company. Schick is now a brand within the Sirona family of hi-tech dental products including the Cerec and Galileos. The Schick logo now features the Sirona orange and grey color scheme and will be placed alongside of the Sirona corporate logo on all products and marketing assets.

Please note the address and phone numbers remain the same, but a new website and social media domains have been modified to reflect the Sirona Dental, Inc. name. For more information, feel free to visit any of the new sites:

About Sirona Dental, Inc.
Sirona, the dental technology and innovation leader, has served dealers and dentists worldwide for more than 130 years. Sirona develops, manufactures, and markets a complete line of dental products, including CAD/CAM restoration systems (CEREC), digital intra-oral, panoramic and 3D imaging systems, dental treatment centers and handpieces. Visit for more information about Sirona and its products.