Saliva Test Capable of Diagnosing Oral Cancer and Diabetes



A new molecular test has the ability to detect oral cancer and diabetes.

PeriRX, a Pennsylvania start-up company, is conducting clinical trials on this test, which has drawn a large amount of interest.

The test was developed by dentist Neil Gottehrer and David Wong, a leading professor in salivary diagnostics and professor of oral biology at the University of California, Los Angeles School of Dentistry.

Wong’s laboratory has been examining salivary diagnostics in regards to other health conditions, including oral cancer, type 2 diabetes, lung cancer and pancreatic cancer. Wong will be heavily involved in the way the product is designed. It will be able to analyze biological markers in saliva.

What separates this test from previous tests that could be considered similar is that there is nothing subjective involved with this one. Also, previous tests haven’t had much of an impact on curbing survival rates of oral cancer.

This test wouldn’t require a complicated testing process. A hygienist or dentist would simply gather a small sample of saliva that would be sent away to be studied. The results would be determined after 48 hours.

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