Whitening System’s At-Home Protocol Quickly Penetrates Tooth Structure

Richard Gawel


The KöR Ultra-T whitening system is designed specifically to treat tetracycline and has even proven effective on dentinogenesis imperfecta cases, according to the company. The system utilizes an in-office “jump-start” conditioning application prior to at-home whitening, using KöR Dual Activated, Tri-Barrel 13% Hydremide Peroxide. This gel is placed into KöR-Seal Trays, and no retractors or paint-on gingival barriers are necessary. Two consecutive 20-minute applications are required.

The 13% Hydremide Peroxide is specifically catalyzed to initiate the internal cleansing of the tooth microstructure. This enables the following at-home whitening protocol to penetrate tooth microstructure more quickly, KöR said. The patient then follows a six- to eight-week KöR at-home whitening protocol using 16% KöR-Night extended release carbamide peroxide in KöR-Seal whitening trays and a separate KöR Complete Desensitizer to be applied to the teeth daily. This is followed by a final in-office whitening visit utilizing KöR 34% Dual-Activated, Tri- Barrel Hydremide Peroxide gel. KöR then highly recommends periodic at-home maintenance.

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