White Paper Describes Teledentistry’s Role in Post-Pandemic Care

Richard Gawel


MouthWatch’s white paper, “Teledentistry: Post-COVID-19 Use for Safe, Efficient, and Evidence-Based Care,” was written to present teledentistry as a viable, problem-based solution for dental professionals and patients alike.

“Due to COVID-19, one of the long-term changes in how dental practices connect with their patients will be the adoption of a new teledentistry-driven protocol that will virtually assess the patient’s need for oral care, improve the safety and efficiency of the care provided in the dental office, and also enable the virtual follow-up with the patient on recently provided care,” said Brant Herman, MouthWatch CEO and founder.

Written by Margaret Scarlett, DMD, the white paper covers:

  • An Introduction to Teledentistry
  • Teledentistry’s Battle-Tested ROI (Military Origins)
  • Successful Civilian Services (Public Health Proving Ground)
  • Policy Changes (recommended by several government agencies)
  • Current Uses
  • Post-Pandemic Teledentistry

“The main takeaway of this whitepaper is that teledentistry will continue to be a problem-based solution to increase patient volume and increase practice efficiency during and post-pandemic,” said Scarlett. “What’s more, teledentistry will soon take its rightful place as must-have dental technology.”

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