VPS Material Produces Distortion-Free Impressions

Richard Gawel


DenMat’s Splash Max VPS impression material produces distortion-free impressions, resulting in quality margins, fit, and function for every case, according to the company. Featuring instant hydrophilicity, maximal tear strength and elasticity, excellent dimensional accuracy, high contrast color, thixotropic consistency, and ideal flow properties, this premium material ensures maximum performance with fewer retakes, saving valuable chairside time and money, DenMat said.

Independent testing revealed that Splash Max achieves a lower contact angle within seconds and much higher tear strength than leading competitors, the company said. Its low contact angle, combined with high tear strength and 99.9% recovery after stretching and compression, results in detailed, highly accurate impressions, according to DenMat. Splash Max is available in four high-contrast viscosities (Extra Lite, Lite, Medium, and Heavy), two set times (2:15 and 4:30), and two automix cartridge delivery systems (50 mL and 360 mL).

For more information, call (800) 433-6628 or visit denmat.com.

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