Universal Composite Yields Lasting, Lifelike Restorations

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Ultradent ProductsMosaic Universal Composite balances beauty and performance to yield lasting, lifelike restorations, according to the company. It can be used for all restorative purposes, whether basic or complex, and its well-balanced nanohybrid formula is designed to produce restorations of the highest quality. 

Combining the strength required for posterior use with the aesthetic characteristics desired for anterior use, Mosaic ensures superior results, both visually and functionally, Ultradent says. Its smooth, pliable consistency allows for total control during manipulation, and once shaped, it won’t flow or slump.

Available in 20 intuitive dental and enamel shades, Mosaic provides predictable shade matching using single-, double-, or multiple-layer techniques since it was designed to emulate the same levels of translucency and opacity seen in natural dentition. The shades also mimic the same fluorescence that occurs in natural dentin and enamel.

Mosaic’s proprietary nanofiller dispersion allows for high polish and long-term gloss retention, while low-volume shrinkage and low shrinkage stress reduce the potential for strain on the restoration during polymerization. Additionally, its high compressive and flexural strength ensure that restorations can withstand repetitive chewing and biting forces.

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