Toothbrush’s Soft Bristles Produce Unique Cleaning Surface

Richard Gawel


The Curaprox CS5460 is one of the softest toothbrushes on the market, according to the company. Its bristles are 0.1 mm across and rounded at the ends. They’re not made from nylon, so the polyester Curen filaments makes them especially effective, Curaprox says. They are less likely to flatten or splay when they get wet, which is something most nylon-bristle brushes do.

While most toothbrushes only have about 1,200 to 1,600 bristles, the CS5460 has 5,460 Curen filaments, densely packed together. This creates a unique cleaning surface, all on an ultra-compact, easily angled head so every bit of the mouth can be reached, Curaprox says.

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