Temporary Cement Secures Provisional Crowns and Bridges

Richard Gawel


VOCO’s Provicol QM Aesthetic is a zinc oxide-based, transparent non-eugenol temporary cement designed to secure provisional crowns and bridges without affecting the overlying color of the restoration. Its formula promotes antibacterial properties as well as an ideal adhesion and strength with a semi-elastic consistency that allows for easy cleanup, VOCO said. Distinct from resin-based temporary cements, zinc-oxide cements do not permanently bond to composite core buildups, simplifying the removal of temporaries, according to the company.

The glass matrix with polyhedral particles allows for a translucency only achieved by resin-based cements, VOCO said. The result is an excellent shade matching of the cement to the temporary restoration, the company said. Provicol QM Aesthetic is highly radiopaque and contains calcium hydroxide, which promotes the development of tertiary dentin and helps to prevent hypersensitivity. The very low film thickness (7 µm) enhances the fit and promotes an excellent retention, according to VOCO. It is available in 5-mL QuickMix automix syringes.

For more information, call (888) 658-2584, visit vocoamerica.com, or email infousa@voco.com.

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