System Makes It Easier to Take Final Impressions

Richard Gawel


Dentsply Sirona Restorative’s digit Power Dispenser is a battery-powered delivery system for Aquasil Ultra+ material’s low-viscosity products, which are available in digit power cartridges and available for purchase through approved Dentsply Sirona distributors. It is designed to tackle the key challenges of the final impression taking procedure—access, visibility, precision, control, predictability, material waste, and compliance. 

According to the company, current low-viscosity impression delivery systems are built around the material and not the procedure or clinician, requiring extra steps to backfill a syringe or wrestle with a 50-mL dispenser. But the digit Power Dispenser was engineered to deliver a unique pen grip design with power delivery to get clinicians up to 63% closer to the prepared tooth at up to 42% less weight and 84% less force requirements than traditional 50-mL dispensers.

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