Software Upgrade Supports Multiple Imaging Modalities

Richard Gawel


The Planmeca Romexis 6.0 software platform is designed to support the most versatile range of imaging modalities from 2-D and 3-D to CAD/CAM. It provides an all-in-one solution for all specialties and for clinics of all sizes, the company says, with a modern look and feel that highlights usability. Its easy navigation requires fewer clicks, and its customizable user interface streamlines the workflow, according to the company. Plus, flexible workflow wizards are designed to make the software easy and enjoyable to use from day one.

Version 6.0 erases the border between 2-D and 3-D imaging by introducing a unified image browser for all types of patient images including 2-D and 3-D x-rays, photos, 3-D photos, intraoral scans, CAD/CAM cases, and videos, Planmeca says. Any type of image capturing or scanning can be started from the same view with a single click. The update makes importing and exporting all types of data effortless, reports the company.

The update improves and adds on to tool selection as well, Planmeca says. The 2-D study templates have been redesigned to make them easier to manage. The dual-screen viewing of 2-D images with 3-D images is now possible with detachable image pop-up windows. Version 6.0 is designed to work with Planmeca Solanna Vision as well. The operating light with integrated 4K cameras enables premium-quality still images and videos, the company says, to bring new dimensions to patient education, consultation with colleagues, and treatment documentation.

The Romexis CMF Surgery module enables fully digital orthognathic surgery planning and splint design. The Romexis Implant Guide module has been upgraded with a virtual tooth extraction feature. The Romexis Smile Design module includes AI-based automatic image cropping and orientation as well as improved photorealistic simulations. The Romexis Dental PACS module enables the use of Romexis as a device-independent image archive with full treatment planning features and increases support for multi-site clinic operations.

“The Romexis software is a perfect companion to Planmeca’s equipment, providing the smoothest workflow for image acquisition, diagnosis, and treatment planning. As an open software platform, Romexis is also capable of storing and viewing images from third party devices, which means unforeseen flexibility and freedom,” said Helianna Puhlin-Nurminen, vice president of digital imaging and applications at Planmeca.

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