Salivary Screening Software Gets Update

Richard Gawel


The mySaliva update to Arkray USA’s SillHa Software, which dentists and oral professionals use to assess, educate, and collaborate with patients regarding their oral health and wellness in salivary screening, is designed to provide a comprehensive assessment using seven key analytes of oral wellness that are clinically validated and indexed in easy to understand, patient-friendly terms; low, moderate, or high risk for oral disease.

Customizable fields allow for personalized feedback. Patients and healthcare professionals can then monitor and compare test results over time in subsequent visits, using mySaliva charting features to measure the effectiveness of preventive measures or changes in a patient’s oral health.

“The new mySaliva software was designed with extensive user feedback resulting in a patient-centered, visually appealing format. Dental professionals can now generate immediate, customizable, clinically validated reports chairside in five minutes to begin an oral health discussion with their patients,” said Arkray USA president Bob Guest.

“Using innovative technology in a simple format fits today’s model of engaging patients in their healthcare and promotes discussion to develop confidence between patients and healthcare providers and a ‘seeing is believing’ attitude among even the most treatment-resistant patients while promoting quality oral healthcare,” Guest said.

“We feel SillHa is going to be a valuable tool for all dentists to motivate patients to set goals for better oral health and monitor progress towards them,” Guest continued. “This has the potential to change the path to preventive dentistry.”

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