Restorative Blends Seamlessly Into the Tooth

Richard Gawel


The EVANESCE Nano-Enhanced Universal Restorative from CLINICIAN’S CHOICE Dental Products is designed to seamlessly blend into the tooth for in margins that disappear. Its simple technique often requires only a single shade—or in more complex cases, fewer layers of composite—the company reports.

With putty-like handling, it easily adapts during placement and manipulation, yet is absolutely slump-free when you take your instrument or brush away, holding its form until you polymerize, CLINICIAN’S CHOICE says. Utilizing a proprietary process to optimize the refractive index of its unique nano-pigments and fillers, it offers superior polishability and ability to disappear, according to the company.  

Indicated for anterior and posterior cases, EVANESCE is strong, has low shrinkage (2%), and packs into Class I and II preparations, CLINICIAN’S CHOICE says. It is available in multiple VITA shades with 3 opacity options: Enamel, Universal, and Dentin, as well as 3 “Enamel FX” Shades: White, Incisal, and Clear.  

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