Restoration Material Increases Opacity Without Sacrificing Depth of Cure

Richard Gawel


Dentists often have a choice in posterior restorations: quick application or aesthetics. But 3M’s Filtek One Bulk Fill Restorative aims to bridge both demands with one-step placement that preserves opacity, with 5 different available shades. The material does not compromise when it comes to strength either, according to the company. 

“We’re trying to simplify posterior restoration placement for the dentist,” said Dan Krueger, a technical service specialist with 3M. “Traditionally, if you have a 4- or 5-mm deep restoration, those materials would have 2-mm depths of cures. So you would have to place an increment and light-cure it, and place another increment and light cure it, and then possibly another one.”

But with its 5-mm depth of cure, the Filtek One Bulk Fill Restorative can be applied in a single shot, which saves time. Despite that depth, the material remains opaque for a more natural look. Plus, its singular process and new chemistry eliminate the defects that may come with other materials as they shrink and stress the interface with incremental applications.

“Typically, materials have to be more translucent to let the curing light all the way down to the bottom. And when they’re that way, they tend to look a little grayish,” said Krueger. “With our new material, we’ve figured out how to manage the opacity and translucency better, still getting this depth of cure. And now the material is more opaque and aesthetic for the final restoration.”

The Filtek One Bulk Fill Restorative reduces shrinkage and relieves stress to allow bulk fill placement up to 5 mm, too. Its addition-fragmentation monomer relieves stress during polymerization. Also, its aromatic urethane dimethacrylate helps reduce the amount of shrinkage and stress that occurs during polymerization.

“It’s not sticky, which is really important because if it sticks and pulls back, it can create defects. Doctors like that it’s not sticky. And you can put in anatomy on the surface like that so it matches the other teeth,” said Krueger. “And then when we cure it, instead of doing the curing for each one of those increments, I do one cure from the occlusal surface. And it’s done, and the doctor goes to finishing the polishing.”

The material comes in A1, A2, A3, B1, and C2 shades, all matched to Classic VITA shade types, which is “probably 95% of what the dentist would ever want in the back of the mouth,” said Krueger. There is no need for layering or expensive dispensing devices, according to 3M. Also, 3M offers adhesive, curing light, finishing and polishing, and prevention products all designed to work together to help dental professionals practice more efficiently.  

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